Above is the list of True websites by Toperfect Group. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Other websites are frauds/cheats/scammers or tortfeasor if use below similar names with Toperfect Art.
We often get some complaints and claims about not receiving products or bad products after payment. After investigation, the products were bought from below pirate websites.
"ToperfectArt.com" tortfeasor, and any other websites are also tortfeasor if use same or similar domain as "Toperfect.cn", "toperfect.alibaba.com", "ToPerfect Art", "to perfect art", "To Perfect", "To Perfect Art", "perfectart.com","toperfectpainting","topofperfect". These websites are not Toperfect's: "oilpaintingMENUfactory.com","oilpaintingfactory.info","CHINAoilpaintingfactory.com".

Should you find any tortious websites, you are very much appreciated to keep us informed.